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There is a $20 set up fee for the travel services listed below.  If your location is more than 20 miles from my home in West Seneca, the travel fee may be greater; please call me directly for a quote. 

Did you know that you could have a party featuring Massage? 
Be the host of a party everyone will be talking about:

Massage & Psychic Readings

Massage and Messages parties are available if you really want your event to stand out.  Massage and Messages features chair massage services and psychic readings in 15 minute increments each per person. 

For $50 per person, each guest will receive BOTH:
a 15 minute reading
a 15 minute chair massage!

The set up / travel fee is waived!  (depending on location)
5 person minimum

*When you host a party with 10 or more people you'll receive a free 15 minute psychic reading or chair massage.

Please call for a quote if you'd prefer table massage over chair massage, or to make any other modifications.

Chair Massage

Chair massage is the service of choice for parties and corporate events.  It is a great addition to any shower, bachelorette party, or company fair.  This service is wonderful for anyone who is very modest, as you remain fully clothed throughout the entire session.
(10-15 minute sessions are recommended per person.  If your party consists of more than 20 people, please let us know so we can appropriately accommodate you.)    

$85 for the first hour (includes travel fee)
$70 each additional hour
$20 for 15 minutes per person
5 person minimum

Other pricing options are available if you are looking to have chair massage in your office on a regular basis!

Table Massage

Table Massage sessions, featuring Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, are also available in 30 minute increments for your party.  If your event exceeds 8 people, please let us know so we can provide an additional therapist.

$100 for the first hour (includes travel fee)
$65 each additional hour
$40 for 30 minutes per person
3 person minimum



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