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We are now using a new scheduling program!  This will allow you to book spa services back to back! 

First, some info: 
  • If you don't want to scroll through all of the services, you can select a provider first.  It will put the services of the provider you selected at the top of the list. 
  • The system will let you select multiple services, so if you choose one by mistake, you need to click on it again to un-select it.  Otherwise, you will be scheduled for multiple services, including the one you mistakenly selected. 
  •   Since there are multiple providers, any appointments scheduled online are subject to approval to eliminate the chance of double booking.
  •  If you were a client before, the system will ask you for your password.  Click the 'forgot password' link and follow the instructions for changing your password.   
Click here to schedule an appointment, now!

We look forward to seeing you!